We are so excited to hear more about you!  Please fill out the following questionnaire if you are interested in being a vendor for the 2018, May 6th Herbivore Festival at Crafton Hills College.  This is the first step in the process.  After you are approved as a vendor we will contact you to collect additional information.  (:

Here are some introductory details:

 We offer 10X10 foot spaces which are located outside around the Crafton Center and PAC.  Since we are totally non-profit we are only asking for a $25 donation for the space.  This will go toward the cost of using the campus as well as advertising.   After letting you know if you have been approved
as a vendor we will supply you with information on how to make your donation. 
     * If you are a student or non-profit organization as well working to help humans, animals and the planet we don't ask for any donation… save the money for the cause you are fighting for.   

     The vendors/ shopping area is located outside (prepare for any weather, we are rain or shine) and you may decorate your space as you wish.   We do not provide any furnishings (chairs, tables, pop-ups etc), only the space.   We are unable to provide reliable electricity so we suggest that you bring a generator or other source of power for your individual needs.  

The festival will run from 11 am – 5pm.  Set up time starts at 8 am, if you need to arrive early please arrange that with us.   Everything must be ready no later than 10:45am.   You may not begin to pack up until 5pm, it is a safety issue and a courtesy to other vendors.   Clean up is from 5-6pm.

If you are selling any open food you must have a food handlers licenses with you at your booth at all times.  You must also have a health permit for San Bernardino County so that you may sell and are requited to following all county regulations. 

If you have additional questions please contact Colleen at chinds@craftonhills.edu or 909-389-3412

Thank you!  

First Name

Last Name

Company Name

What will you be doing or selling at the festival?

More specifically please describe what you will be offering or doing at the festival in your own words please.

Best phone number to reach you at:

Website if you have one

Please include any social media sites of yours you would like to share with us

Everything at the Herbivore Festival must be 100% vegan.  This means no animal products (dairy, eggs, gelatin, feathers, wool, honey, etc).   All products must be cruelty-free as well.  Click below to agree that everything you will be offering or selling or advertising at the festival 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

The festival is Rain or Shine.  Vendor spaces are located outside.  Please plan accordingly.

If you are a food or drink vendor you will be required to get a county health permit to vend at the festival.  You will also be required to provide your food handlers licence before the day of the event.

As long as you are selling, advertising or promoting only vegan products or items and you are not an exact duplicate of another vendor, we can pretty much guarantee you a space at the festival! 
We will contact you shortly with an official invite. 

Some quick info:
- Spaces are 10X10, if you have a different need please let us know when we contact you.
- We only provide the space, no furnishings or electricity
- The suggested donation is $25 for the vending space.  Donations are tax deductible and go towards festival costs.
- if you are not a non-profit, rescue or community organization, club or student we don't ask for any donation for the space.  (:   
The festival will run from 11-5pm. 
Additional details will be provide in the vendor packet you will receive after we confirm you.  

If you have any further questions please contact us at: chinds@craftonhills.edu

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